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Welcome to Anand Law Firm. Our website is filled with helpful information and feedback from people who have endured the frustration of considering bankruptcy. One of the things that we try to determine when meeting with a new client is if there are any other alternatives to filing bankruptcy.

We understand that filing bankruptcy in Atlanta is no easy task and that your options for legal counsel are limitless. The reason that you should want to work with our esteemed attorneys is our empathy for your hardship.  Filing for bankruptcy is never easy, but our approach will ensure that it is as painless as possible.  We will treat your case with care, attention and diligence.  You will always have access to a knowledgable and friendly attorney.

Over the years our clients have referred us to their friends and family members because of the level of professionalism that we have demonstrated.  We take pride in representing you and defending your rights and interests.   Our goal is simple: help you achieve a fresh start in the most painless way possible.

Call us today to learn about our affordable rates and speak to one of our friendly attorneys. If you are considering bankrupcy as an option to alleviate some financial stress than you should pick up the phone now and call us.

Thank you for visiting Anand Law Firm and we look forward to helping you in the future.